Est. 2013‚Äč

Saltergate Yoga

If new to online platforms, download Zoom
Zoom is free to download and is also available as a phone ap
Play around with it, its very easy to use, start a meeting and check you can see yourself and your space
There are tutorials on the Zoom website if you need them

You will be sent a password and link to each class directly off the book when site
Let us know of any issues by email/text before class or right at the beginning of class before we start

Consider practising where your Wifi is strongest, Close all other apps and check your device is charged
Wear your usual yoga clothes, have your mat, any padding/layers (improvising of props ect...) 

Check you have space to practice safely
If you have time, join 5/10 minutes before we start to ensure you are set up & in a good place to start
Check video and audio, at the start of the class check you are on speaker view and mute your microphone
At the close of the class you can unmute your microphone so we can chat if you want to