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Saltergate Yoga

Combining western medicine science & eastern wellbeing practice to educate, empower & embrace the menopause as an opportunity for self-knowledge & growth

These classes draw on all styles of yoga & guidance on how to support women going through the menopause, including specially adapted yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, women's talking circle, aspects of CBT, self-reflection & encourages journal writing

Monthly Women's Wellness Menopause Yoga (MY)

What is the Menopause Yoga Teacher Training?

MY was created after years of research by fully qualified and experienced yoga teacher Petra Coveney who is also a member of the British Menopause Society.
Menopause Yoga (MY) is a combination of yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindful meditation practices that have been specially adapted to help women manage the main symptoms of menopause.

MY is said to help women experiencing:
Hot flushes and night sweats, stress and anxiety, irritability and mood swings, insomnia and fatigue, lack of focus

I was fortunate enough to be in one of the first face to face Menopause Yoga Teacher Trainings with Petra Covney at the prestigious (& now very popular) Newson Health Clinic, Stratford-Upon-Avon, in February 2020

Menopause is big business, especially now.. full of myths & misinformation

Most women have one natural menopause, something I will never experience personally

I have been through two menopauses, the first was chemical....

 The abrupt reduction of ovarian hormones, causes the sudden onset of menopause-related symptoms, there is no gradual decline nor any fluctuations, compounding all the symptoms of menopause into one small time frame, that is chemical menopause

The second was a surgical TAHBSO (2017), both brutal

I am under the NHS Menopause clinic, Sheffield, Jessops with Dr Stillwell, she has worked tirelessly with me having struggled to get my menopause symptoms under control alongside the deep infiltrating Endometriosis, I do agree with taking HRT, though everyones needs are very different

After 4 years I have finally settled on a very basic 0.5mg estradiol (Sandrena) every other day, 1/3 pump testosterone (Testogel) prescribed off licence every other day & 100mg progesterone (Utrogestan) every 3rd night prescribed off licence used vaginally

Although body identical, I am under no illusion that HRT's are still steroids

Although not included in the MY Teachings, I am always reminded of Sharon Gannon's teaching on Inversions in (Jivamukti Yoga) 

Inversions are said to be the safest & most powerful way to balance the endocrine system which should increase energy as well as calmness reducing mood swings, stabilising metabolism & strengthening the immune system

Hormone & blood sugar levels are balanced through regular practice

 Turning the body upside down allows you to access your own pharmaceutical laboratory by directly stimulating the bodies master glands – thyroid/pineal/pituitary you will release natural occurring chemicals

Turning the body upside down also gives a powerful internal massage reversing the pull of gravity – reversing the ageing process, the reverse of gravity is like a face lift.

As I say often in class.. we can stick a label on a Yoga class but Yoga is Yoga.. right..