Est. 2013

Saltergate Yoga

Simple things .... 

Saltergate Yoga 

Lauren..... loves Colin, Bailey & her Beagles Arthur & Douglas..

never shuts up..   needs to be warm..

oracle of insights..  marmite...

Yoga hasn't come easy to me..

a life long struggle with anxiety, mental health,  

muscular-skeletal imbalances

chronic nerve pain & anatomical distortion from

Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis/Adenomyosis 

I became very poorly in 2016 & had my reproductive system removed in October 2017 (TAHBSO & Cervix)

I am under CEMIG (Mr Shaheen Khazali) St Peters, Surrey, NHS specialist care Advanced Endometriosis,

Total gratitude him & his team for my excision surgery March 6th 2020 & ongoing care

In another twist of fate I am currently under Professor Schilders Fortius/Yorkshire Clinic for FAI/ labral hip tears


My GP Helen Fairgrieve is an angel & so is my soft tissue/visceral therapist John Freeman


I firmly believe we need a balance of both strength & flexibility in our practice 


I often say my Yoga practice is like doing the Cha-cha.. i figure that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster... the eternal optimist

i love a physical and intellectually stimulating yang practice alongside a yin practice..

My strong teaching style is influenced by the teachings given to me by so many great teachers, especially Zoe Knott, she is our Strength & Flexibility teacher, her work influences our classes greatly  


Favourite asana - bak/kak āsana - crane/crow pose

Dragged up on 80's music, love synthpop/wave/ebm/postrock

Also holds the Level 3 Sports Therapy Diploma & the FA Basic Treatment of Injuries in Football

I used to make teeth..  crown & bridge technician.. this is where my love of all things anatomy really took hold


Colin... cutter of wood.. joiner by trade

the patience of a saint

quiet observer... horizontal

one plank & never two (skateboarder/snowboarder)

parma violets... pastries

natural yogi, loves a strong intelligent practice  (iyengar or vinyasa) 

natural backbender, struggles with upper body flexibility..  

favourite asana - Chakrāsana - wheel pose also known as

Ūrdhvadhanurāsana, upward-facing bow pose

.. yes we throw bricks at him .. the yin to Lauren's yang

loves anyone who can play guitar & hold a lousy tune.. J Mascis/Neil Young/Bob Dylan
can often be heard singing along to radio 2/planet rock or 6music & if you are really lucky you may catch him playing his saw