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So you google ‘Endometriosis’ & a general blanket term you will find.. “a condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places” it then becomes a minefield of information. I found so much ‘typical’ information did not match to what was happening to me, this isn’t uncommon as each category behaves differently, has different features, may all have unique pathogenesis & how they spread, know that we don’t all fit a stereotypical pattern, you can have one subtype, all of them & what we call ‘the rest’ 

A great image from 2019 showing the 3 typical types of endo
(SE) Superficial 
(EC) Ovarian cyst 
(DIE) Deep Infiltrating

The second picture is one of my adhesions, these are taken from my excision surgery, my rectum did an s-shape rotation. Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that join internal body surfaces together, this is the body’s attempt to repair itself & I would say personally this is where most of my pain came from & continues today, adhesion pain is more a stabbing pain rather than the throbbing pain that comes from endometriosis

The third picture is what we call a ‘nodule’ (lumps of endo tissue) when they invade more than 5mm the term DIE comes in, again these are mine & these nodules here for me were just to the right of my ureter in the retro-peritoneal space (behind the tissues that line the abdominal wall) still full of old blood, these did extend into the thickened uterosacral ligament on the right

The fourth picture is one area of my lesions, not advanced into a solid nodule stage, these are what thicken during your period & bleed & this is when the tissues become irritated causing adhesions & pain

Adhesions, Nodules, Lesions

I was officially diagnosed with Endometriosis & Adenomyosis after having my uterus, ovaries, tubes & cervix removed in 2017

In 2020 I had wide deep excision surgery.
If only, I had like so many, been educated, I wouldn’t have had my reproductive organs removed

I know first-hand how much these diseases can affect daily life.
I also know how hard it can be to find something (anything) that helps to ease the pain. Eventually the pain can shift from monthly to daily 

For me, yoga appeared to have been my life saver. 
Though in hindsight it’s helpful to know that not all yoga helps to ease the pain. 
The more vigorous styles I did, such as Ashtanga/Bikram/Jivamukti/Vinyasa built up too much heat and energy in the abdomen and pelvic area, leading to flare-ups & inflammation, a locked-up pelvis & less mobility through constant inflammation. 

Even now I struggle with the idea that I must let a huge part of my personal yoga practice go

Those of us with these conditions our nervous & immune system are under attack all the time, relaxing & breathing can really help the pain feel less intense, certain yoga postures relax tension the abdomen & the pelvic floor muscles which for some of us is in a constant tightened state in that response to chronic pelvic pain.

This may seem odd but the more you can relax your jaw, the more your pelvic floor will relax too. 

When we look back to all my autonomic nervous system dysfunctions from vertigo, an irregular heart rate, low blood pressure, Raynaud’s, food intolerances, breathing issues, sensitivities, panic attacks... it’s amazing what this disease has the potential to do to you & its mind boggling that so many women have lived with these diseases with no idea why we feel so wrong when we are told there is nothing wrong with us

...There is no cure for endometriosis. 
You can help yourself through deep nutrition, gut healing, natural movement, reconnecting to the world - and probably…. a well-done surgery if you are lucky

Ablation is burning away the disease with cautery or laser to the surface of the lesion, this is great for smaller lesions & can give many people great long-term relief.

Excision is the surgical removal of tissue by cutting out the entire lesion.

(this surgical picture again is one of my nodules/lesions & what the tissues look like after excision removal

Anatomy can be distorted from prior surgeries, this is especially true if you have had your uterus & ovaries removed as this makes it very difficult for any next surgery if disease was left behind because scar tissue & landmarks are changed & makes it harder for the next surgeon to determine what is disease & what isn’t

If areas such as such as ureters, bowel, or diaphragm are suspected, it is highly recommended you see someone whose practice consists of regular endometriosis excision, someone who is treating endometriosis all day long who also understands when & when not to operate and when/how to treat multiple pain generators. 

🤔... When not to operate is a whole other topic, not all pain is endo pain, a heightened nervous system for so many years even after excision itself can cause a whole host of issues including chronic myofascial/ligament pain, something I have (amongst other joys) 

Excision on the NHS appears to be a golden ticket, a postcode lottery to where in the county a good surgeon is practicing. 

The only advice I would give myself if I were 10 years ago is get private insurance……. & as far as yoga goes if you are practising with this disease never do inversions in your yoga practice in the days/week you bleed

Deep Nutrition & Gut Healing

Ablation vs Excision

Yoga for Endometriosis

​Due to lack of interest this class isn't running

If you would like to work one to one with me please get in touch or have any questions at all please contact Lauren on

Ideal for beginners or improvers for those looking for a functional anatomical practice to help ease symptoms of Endometriosis in general class, improve your well-being, reduce pain, & relieve tension.

Having personal experience from living with severe complexities & surgeries from this disease. I know it's a very lonely, constantly challenging & frustrating place to be. 

These classes will focus on talking to each other/sharing & being heard, breathing, pelvic floor dysfunction & pain, relaxation, a gentle practice suitable for all abilities & no yoga experience necessary.

“Endometriosis is a progressive estrogen dependant chronic inflammatory disease”…. 

In 2007 I studied nutrition at college as I wanted to understand my intolerances as they had no obvious cause, I now realise this was the gastrointestinal part of my disease. A huge error I made when I was very unwell was food choices, although I was following gluten/dairy/soya/alcohol/caffeine free in hindsight I was malnourished, had malabsorption, SIBO, IBS, histamine/mast cell syndrome/bacterial overgrowth.

The nutrition side is just too complex for this post…. simply put any inflammatory disease needs deep healing nutrition & balanced gut microbiome .. 

What do I eat/drink/supplement… trust me it doesn’t usually look at pretty as this on the plate… typically..
.. morning peppermint tea before I walk my hounds
Symprove (live bacteria to support gut microbiome) 
Low sugar smoothie that tastes good, spinach/cauliflower/avocado/carrot/beetroot/cherries/wild blueberries/hemp/coconut kefir/coconut water/ginger, (I add collagen) 
Good earth rooibos chai. 
Coconut yogurt, gluten free muesli & stewed apple
Home-made turkey burger with turmeric, sauerkraut, & kale (kale the ultimate endo food ha ha!!) 
Peters yard rye & charcoal crackers & nush almond spread.. .... Beagle optional..

Also in moderation… raw dairy milk, free range eggs, a diversity of grass-fed protein, malted sourdough.. kitcheri, bone broth, ghee, butter, olive oil, maple syrup is the only ‘sugar’ I use, I make a really simple chocolate mousse with silken tofu/vanilla/cacao/maple I also freeze this in little tubs.. chai seeds/blueberries/maple syrup makes lovely jam, steens manuka honey.. oven roasted veg. I have made my own ferments but it’s easier just to buy them

 It’s all about what you can & can’t tolerate, there is no right or wrong answer, that is part of your journey in understanding the disease you have & how it affects you, knowledge is power 

 I do sometimes give in to home bakes brought in by a student & chocolate in the studio, I am far from perfect.. I believe in love & cake

My supplements..
Chlorella is high in B12 & D, helps eliminate dioxins
We all need more omegas
Magnesium is big deficiency for endo folk
Turmeric helps with the inflammation
All my supplements are from the autoimmune institute
The other 6 are for my surgical menopause