Saltergate Yoga

In practicing aparigrahā, it is important not to become obsessive, but rather to continue to live in a way that is contributive to society..

Classes are suitable for all levels.

All our classes are 75 minutes & £10​.


Everything for class in the studio is set out & provided.

Venting while we wait for the start of class is always encouraged.

Free tea, chocolate & endless chat is provided in reception after.

We don't expect you to tidy up.

Classes are aimed at those with an average level of fitness & you do not have to be super flexible to join in!

You are stronger than you think.. mentally & physically..

Starting classes can be very daunting for a beginner but believe me everyone else started somewhere.

You would be most welcome in any of our classes & if we are not for you we can pinpoint you to other teachers. 

Please note our classes are for Adults 16+ & not suitable for pregnancy

Under 16's have very different needs from a yoga class, physically & mentally

No one else uses or has access to our teaching space, minimising risk of any infections, this will continue in 2024.
We have always maintained very strict cleaning protocol.

Please do stay away if you are ill