Saltergate Yoga

Over 18 months in 2013/2014 we lovingly restored a beautiful 600 year old oak beamed, oak floored barn in central Chesterfield, we installed economical underfloor heating, kept at a minimum of 21 degrees, that runs on water in concrete, it feels warmer as the heat is coming from under you rather than from artificial electric heating

We run it as an independent Yoga Space, an extension of our home rather than a business model studio, in 2017 we found a house just around the corner so we could live a simpler life.

2024 is our 10th year.

Until Covid we proudly used eco products within the studio, we do hope we can return to this eventually

We never use diffusers/candles/incense while a class is in progress 

After class on March 18th 2020 we had to temporarily close the studio due to COVID-19