Est. 2013

Saltergate Yoga

​​Studio Etiquette

Arrive Early

We always start on time

Give yourself enough time to arrive at the studio, arriving ten minutes before class starts is appropriate

Hang up your coat, bag, take off your shoes, wallets/phones can be  taken into the studio (put your phone on silent please) if it's a busy class use any space on the window sills rather than on the floor

Let reception know you are here, say hello to your teacher, convey any injuries or health concerns to us especially if you are new

Turn off Your Electronics

Respect your fellow students by turning off your electronics

Phones, wrist watches, iPads anything that dings, rings, or buzzes should be turned off or to silent before class, if you need to take a call please take your phone out into the reception

 if you need to leave early, please arrange your belongings before class starts so your exit is non-disruptive