Intelligent yoga/mobility classes ideal for beginners or improvers
    Working on the fundamentals of the basic forms of asana & pranayama (postures & breath) & meditation for those looking for a more functional anatomical practice.

Simple pay per class.

    There are no special offers, no memberships, no block bookings, no newsletters, or spam emails. 

13 - 18 designated spaces 

Purpose built yoga studio with all equipment provided

Underfloor heated, manduka studio mats.

Incorporating intelligent dynamic vinyasa sequences & static poses, as well as breathing, mobilising techniques & relaxation.
Encouraging strength building, efficiency in breathing, core stability, flexibility, balance & stamina​​. 

​We have the most wonderful eclectic mix of men & women, abilities & ages, some have been here with us since we started 10 years ago.
Monday & Tuesday are the slower paced classes​​.

The practice is yours, we know life often gets in the way so come & practice when you can.

We are simply here to facilitate your yoga practice. We can assure you it is the most wonderful practice.

​We both genuinely believe so much in the practice, giving you the ownership of your personal practice & yoga journey. ​​

We do work hard... but we do laugh a lot.​​

We are an independent 'Yoga Space' 
an extension of our home rather than a business model studio

We both completed our main BWY Level 4, four year National framework teacher training in 2014 & have been teaching here in our studio since.  ​

All customer accounts/information before January 2024 have been removed as PP / GDPR protocol

“The battle of yoga is with the body and with the ego. You must conquer your ego, or small self, so that you can let your soul, your big Self, be victorious.” 

Saltergate Yoga


6:30pm - 7:45pm​ - £10