Saltergate Yoga

Inseparable since late 1990 after meeting under a table in what used to be the Avenue on St Mary's Gate

​Mr & Mrs Clarke since 1997

Colin... cutter of wood.. joiner by trade ..... the patience of a saint

quiet observer... horizontal....  one plank & never two (skateboarder/snowboarder)
jelly beans... pastries

natural yogi, loves a strong intelligent practice  (iyengar or vinyasa) 
natural backbender, struggles with those shoulders.. 
favourite asana - Chakrāsana - wheel pose also known as Ūrdhvadhanurāsana, upward-facing bow pose
.. yes we throw bricks at him .. the yin to Lauren's yang

He loves alignment.. you can hear his feet coming across the floor
loves anyone who can play guitar & hold a lousy tune.. J Mascis/Neil Young/Bob Dylan
Book over consumer.. paper & audio

The most beautiful human being I know 

Lauren..... loves Colin, Bailey & her Beagles Arthur & Douglas..
never shuts up..  oracle of insights.. nature.. swearer of plenty
I often say my Yoga (& my life) is like doing the Cha-cha..
I figure that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster...  the eternal optimist

A life long struggle with unknown/undiagnosed chronic disease(s).. 
dysautonomia. ...anxiety, mental health, muscular-skeletal imbalances, hyper-mobility, chronic nerve pain & anatomical distortion from Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis/Adenomyosis​, later findings also revealed
I have CAM FAI/Labral tears & Dysplasia (abnormal formation of my hip sockets)

I became very poorly towards the end of  2016, my autonomic nervous system was shutting me down with no real idea why. Over the next 10 months I had many procedures ultimately leading to a chemical hormone shut off with Triptorelin (a hormonal agonist)

I had my reproductive system removed in 2017 (TAHBSO & Cervix)

In 2019 with continued unresolved pelvic nerve pain I was blessed with an out of area NHS referral to CEMIG (Mr Shaheen Khazali) St Peters, Surrey, NHS specialist care Advanced Endometriosis. 

​Total gratitude him & his team for my excision surgery March 6th 2020 & ongoing care

In April 2021 I found myself in the hands of Professor Schilders Fortius/Yorkshire Clinic .. turned out I also had bilateral FAIs & labral hip tears... I had a right hip arthroscopy (anchors/osteoplasty) September 9th 2021

March 2024, the final outcome of the arthroscope ultimately has failed due to the bilateral dysplasia.. scans complete for the right side total hip replacement

I firmly believe we need a balance of both strength & flexibility in our practice 
I love a physical and intellectually stimulating yang practice alongside a yin practice..
My strong teaching style is influenced by the teachings given to me by so many great teachers, especially Zoe Knott, she is our Strength & Flexibility teacher, her work influences our classes greatly, as does the Jivamukti practice method (not the activism)
Favourite asana - savāsana - corpse/relaxation

Dragged up on 80's music, love synthpop/wave/ebm/postrock
Also holds the Level 3 Sports Therapy Diploma & the FA Basic Treatment of Injuries in Football
I used to make teeth..  crown & bridge technician.. this is where my love of all things anatomy really took hold