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On March 6th 2020, I had (hopefully) my last surgery for Endometriosis, it's difficult to explain/understand what this disease quietly does to your insides, & just how hard it is to be heard or get the correct treatment, I have always had nerve/ligament involvement, from 1997 it was presumed I had a muscular skeletal/ligament issue, in December 2016 my body had just simply had enough & started to shut down my autonomic nervous system

3 years & 3 months later.... 

....I consider myself to be most fortunate to now have had excision surgery, this aside I still have the disease, there is no cure, the damage & chronic pain it has caused to my physical body will take a long time to heal, though I am loving the journey

Deeply Infiltrative Endometriosis
Endometriosis can invade organs that are near the uterus which can include the bowel and the urinary bladder.

This type of endometriosis is called, “deeply infiltrating” or “deeply infiltrative endometriosis” [DIE] because it is found deep within the tissue or organ.

DIE is the rarer type of endometriosis, its treatment is challenging because it doesn’t always respond to medical therapy such as oral contraceptive pills or GnRH agonists, also in my case a TAHBSO in 2017 (total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy) A hysterectomy is NOT a cure for Endometriosis & surgical menopause is brutal

The disease needs removing by a specialist surgeon, sadly we don't have many of these here in the UK & especially within the NHS

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